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Welcome to the flex7 System

The flex7 System offers you the perfect lighting connection and lighting control solution. The modular nature of our products means that we can not only offer you ultimate flexibility when designing your lighting system, but also the security that it is future-proof. All boxes are 7-pole, and rated at 16A, and the whole system is built around a plug and play philosophy which means that boxes can easily be added to the system at a later date, as and when user needs change.

We will not be dispatching any orders on Friday 1st August, while we do our annual stocktake.

Apologies for any inconvenience this might cause. We’ll be functioning pretty much as normal on Monday 4th August, although there may be a slight backlog of orders, so if you have an urgent order please give us a ring on 020 8580 1066

Eligible for ECAs

Installing flex7 lighting controls can significantly reduce your energy costs, and can make you eligible for the Government’s ECA scheme

flex7 lighting controls ECA compliance

Cost Effective

Simple ‘plug and play’ nature of the system reduces installation time on site.

Money saving Lighting control and connection system


All connection units are 7-pole. Ideal for simple on/off or for dimming control – use only the poles you require


Units can be plugged directly into each other or connected via leads, to provide complete flexibility.

Future Proof

The modular nature of the system means that changes can be made at any time, as and when user needs change.

flex7 Lighting Control and connection

Unique Project Service

Our project service offers you the best possible support for your project from start to finish

flex7 Lighting Connection and Lighting Control Project Service

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7-pole, 16A, easy wiring access, ultimate flexibility, plug-in control – could you ask for more from a connection unit? *Patent pending

flex7 Lighting Connection unit